LifeSeasons Adrenal-T 60ct.Supports the body's natural ability to rejuvenate, manage stress and conserve energy
Adrenal-T supports the bodyâ€s natural ability to rejuvenate, manage stress and conserve energy. It supports healthy endocrine system functions, which supports healthy mental and physical performance. - Helps the body's natural ability to manage stress - Supports healthy endocrine system function - Promotes healthy mental & physical performance LifeSeasons adrenal supplement helps your body level out and maintain a consistent, sustainable level of ...
Part No: LS-L22000
LifeSeasons Anxie-T 60ct.Helps the body feel more calm and relaxed, mentally and physically and nourishes the nervous system
Anxie-T helps the body feel more calm and relaxed, mentally and physically. It nourishes the nervous system, providing a sense of wellbeing and relaxation. Anxie-T supports the bodyâ€s natural ability to deal with common symptoms of stress, including nervousness and nervous exhaustion, stress-related muscle tension, anxious fearfulness, and stress-related sleep problems. - Calms & nourishes the nervous system - Supports relaxation - Provides a feeling of ...
Part No: LS-L21555
LifeSeasons B/P Stabili-T 120ct.Helps to promote healthy blood circulation and normal blood pressure
B/P Stabili-T (formerly Hyper-T) helps to promote healthy blood circulation and normal blood pressure. It helps protect against the formation of plaque in the blood vessels, and it helps slow the circulation of stress hormones. - Promotes a healthy balance between HDL & LDL Cholesterol - Helps support healthy blood vessels - Moderates the effects of occasional stress and nervousness Your doctor has likely warned you about your blood pressure being too ...
Part No: LS-L20222
LifeSeasons Choles-T 90ct.Helps maintain normal cholesterol and triglyceride levels
Choles-T supports a healthy heart and liver by helping to manage cholesterol. It enhances the body’s natural liver function, supports healthy cardiovascular function, and helps maintain normal cholesterol and triglyceride levels. - Helps maintain healthy cholesterol and triglyceride levels already in the normal range - Promotes healthy cardiovascular function - Supports natural liver function Cholesterol. It’s a good thing. It’s how your body creates ...
Part No: LS-L20555
LifeSeasons Circulari-T 90ct.Promotes the structural integrity of arteries, capillaries, and veins
Circulari-T promotes the structural integrity of arteries, capillaries, and veins. It strengthens peripheral blood flow and soothes heavy and restless legs. - Provides herbal nutrition to support the circulatory system - Contains warming herbs that refresh and revitalize - Promotes vascular well-being Our bodyâ€s circulatory system is a network of cylindrical vessels, a highway through our bodies. It is the key way that nutrients from our digestive tract ...
Part No: LS-L24666
LifeSeasons Clari-T 60ct.Supports healthy memory and cognitive functions
Clari-T supports healthy memory and cognitive functions. It acts to support neurotransmission by helping sustain normal blood circulation and oxygen delivery to the brain. It also provides nutrients that help neutralize free radicals. - Supports healthy memory and brain function - Promotes cognitive function - Sustains efficient blood circulation to the brain Clari-T works on two different levels - one shorter-term and one long term. After taking it 1-2 ...
Part No: LS-L20999
LifeSeasons Digestivi-T 90ct.Helps break down food and contains beneficial bacteria to promote the health of the digestive tract
Digestivi-T helps break down food and contains beneficial bacteria to promote the health of the entire digestive tract. It enhances intestinal integrity by promoting nutrient and water absorption and helping decrease allergic antigens. - Digestive enzymes and probiotics support digestion and intestinal integrity - Promotes nutrient absorption - Helps break down and digest gluten and casein proteins When Digestivi-T is taken immediately after a meal, it ...
Part No: LS-L22222
LifeSeasons Glucose Stabili-T 90ct.Helps maintain blood sugar levels
Glucose Stabili-T (formerly called Diabet-X) helps maintain healthy blood sugar, circulation, and vision. It supports the bodyâ€s natural cellular metabolism and helps fight the damaging effects of free radicals. - Helps balance blood sugar levels already within the normal range - Supports healthy blood sugar metabolism - Promotes healthy insulin function No time to exercise…No time to cook a healthy meal…Carrying more and more extra weight every year. ...
Part No: LS-L20888
LifeSeasons Immuni-T 90ct.Helps build the body’s natural resistance to immune challenges
Immuni-T helps build the bodyâ€s natural resistance to immune challenges.  It does this by supporting the stimulation of white blood cell production, helping to inhibit the replication of harmful bacteria, and supporting overall communication within the immune system. Now with elderberry! We recently reformulated Immuni-T and added elderberry to our potent lineup of ingredients.  Elderberry contains powerful antioxidants and anthocyanins known to fight free ...
Part No: LS-L21000
LifeSeasons Lung Capaci-T 90ct.Increases oxygen uptake in the lungs, Helps thin mucus, Soothes the respiratory tract
Lung Capaci-T increases oxygen uptake in the lungs and helps thin mucus. It also soothes the respiratory tract. - Supports oxygen uptake in the lungs - Helps thin mucus - Soothes the respiratory tract Breathing is so automatic, we rarely think about it. As we breathe, oxygen moves into the lungs, then passes into tiny sacs called alveoli. From the alveoli, oxygen diffuses into the blood, and combines with hemoglobin in red blood cells. The red blood cells ...
Part No: LS-L24999
LifeSeasons Masculini-T 90ct.Enhances mental and physical aspects of sexual and athletic performance
Masculini-T enhances mental and physical aspects of sexual and athletic performance. It helps to boost free testosterone and supports normal erectile function. - May support libido and endurance - Helps support an active lifestyle in men - Promotes mental and physical aspect of sexual and athletic performance Are you feeling like less of a man these days? You are not alone. Studies show that 1 in 4 men over 30 is low on testosterone. Not having enough T ...
Part No: LS-L22444
LifeSeasons Mobili-T 120ct.Assists in moisturizing the joints to promote range of motion, Soothes inflammation
Mobili-T assists in free movement of the joints by providing building blocks for new cartilage and collagen synthesis. It also assists in moisturizing the joints to help support ease and range of mobility. - Provides building blocks for new cartilage - Aids in the synthesis of collagen - Assists in moisturizing the joints The natural aging process is undeniable. Joints that we use every day - whether we are using them to run 5Ks or just to walk across ...
Part No: LS-L20111
LifeSeasons Nitro-T 90ct.Supports increased nitric oxide levels, Promotes healthy blood circulation, Eases stress
Nitro-T increases nitric oxide levels and assists with healthy blood circulation. It eases stress while supporting physical and sexual performance. - Increases nitric oxide levels - Assists with healthy blood circulation - Eases stress while supporting performance Nitric Oxide is a natural molecule in the environment, our food (especially in beets and leafy greens), and it is produced in our bodies. It signals physiological and biochemical changes, and ...
Part No: LS-L24888
LifeSeasons Pausitivi-T 60ct.Nourishes tissues affected by hormonal shifts of menopause, Helps to ease hot flashes and sweating
Pausitivi-T eases menopausal discomfort by nourishing the tissues affected by hormonal changes in women. It helps to reduce hot flashes and sweating, while supporting balanced hormones and healthy tissues in the reproductive system. - Cools hot flashes and sweating - Supports balanced reproductive hormones - Promotes healthy reproductive system tissues We are all very fortunate to be living during a time when life expectancies keep increasing, but the ...
Part No: LS-L21444
LifeSeasons Pros-T 60ct.Promotes healthy prostate function in men
Pros-T supports normal urine flow and prostate function in men, while also supporting tissue integrity. - Promotes urinary flow - Helps maintain normal prostate function - Supports prostate and urinary tissue integrity We are all very fortunate to be living during a time when life expectancies keep increasing, but the longer we live, the more health concerns we have. And if you are a man and you’re into your 40s or beyond, you likely have a prostate that ...
Part No: LS-L21111
LifeSeasons Puri-T 60ct.Enhances liver function and supports detoxification
Puri-T enhances liver function and detoxification. It works to help the body naturally fight the damaging effects of free radicals and supports healthy bile flow. - Strengthens liver function - Promotes detoxification - Helps protect against free radicals One of the many important functions the liver performs is to metabolize drugs, alcohol, and chemicals that go into our bodies. Our modern lifestyles are increasingly filled with prescription drugs and ...
Part No: LS-L21888
LifeSeasons Regulari-T 60ct.Helps reduce gas and discomfort
Regulari-T helps reduce gas and discomfort, and supports healthy elimination. It also helps maintain normal peristalsis and healthy waste transit time, while providing stool-softening bulk. - Promotes normal intestinal peristalsis - Maintains healthy transit time - Helps reduce gas and intestinal discomfort We tend not to talk about our bowel movements. It’s considered taboo. But a lot of people don’t have healthy bowel movements. In fact, almost 15% of ...
Part No: LS-L21777
LifeSeasons Rest-ZZZ 60ct.Promotes natural sleep cycles
Rest-ZZZ aids in relieving muscle tension, restlessness, and nerve-related sleeplessness. It works on underlying disruptors of healthy sleep by helping to calm the nervous system and promoting natural sleep cycles. - Calms the nervous system - Promotes natural circadian rhythms - Helps ease muscle tension Sleep, we are learning that it is one of the most important factors of good health - both physical and mental. And it really isn’t surprising. Most of ...
Part No: LS-L21666
LifeSeasons Securi-T 60ct.Incontinence Support for Women
Securi-T supports bladder health and normal urination in men and women. It does this by facilitating nerve signaling between the brain and the urinary tract and soothing irritable bladder tissue. - Soothes bladder tissues and promotes tissue integrity - Facilitates nerve signaling between the brain and urinary tract - Promotes normal urination For millions of adult women and men, incontinence is a common problem. Many people suffer in silence, fearing ...
Part No: LS-L23999
LifeSeasons Stem Boost-R 120ct.Supports the natural production of stem cells
Stem Boost-R Protects against cell deteriotation by providing balanced nourishment. Reduces inflammation by alerting cells to damaged areas. Encourages natural cell production by creating a healthy environment. Helps the body expel free radicals through antioxidant binding. Limits DNA changes caused by free radical reactions. Stemcells are crucial for healthy aging. The stem cells produced by your body have the unique ability to adapt and change into other cells - to ...
Part No: LS-L2650
LifeSeasons Urinari-X 90ct.Urinary/Yeast Support
Urinari-X helps promote health of the urinary tract and vagina. It includes anti-adhesion substances and prebiotics that promote healthy immunity and management of bacteria in the urinary tract. - Helps promote the healthy balance of urinary tract bacteria - Supports balance and prebiotics - Promotes healthy immunity Both women and men can get infections in the urinary tract. But if you are a woman, you have an even higher likelihood - a 50% chance - of ...
Part No: LS-L21222
LifeSeasons Visibili-T 60ct.Eye Health Complex
Visibili-T helps protect the eyes from free radical damage and supports healthy circulation. It helps strengthen blood vessels and circulation to the eyes, while also helping to maintain nighttime vision and eye protection from UV rays. - Protects the eyes from free radicals - Supports healthy blood vessels and circulation to the eyes - Maintains nighttime vision We tend to take our eyes for granted. They are constantly working for us throughout the day, ...
Part No: LS-L20666