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World Nutrition PuraCell Detox Cleanse Capsules 120C
PuraCell is specially engineered to support cleansing throughout the body*, including: Urinary System, Liver, Gallbladder, Kidneys, Spleen, Pancreas, Brain, Skin, Cell Membranes, Colon Designed to be an all encompassing cleansing formulation it is one that can easily address two different user needs. It can either be used at higher doses ...
World NutritionPuraCell Detox  Cleanse Capsules 120C

World Nutrition

World Nutrition PuraCell Detox Cleanse Capsules 120C


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World Nutrition
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Liver Hepatic System

PuraCell is specially engineered to support cleansing throughout the body*, including: Urinary System, Liver, Gallbladder, Kidneys, Spleen, Pancreas, Brain, Skin, Cell Membranes, Colon

Designed to be an all encompassing cleansing formulation it is one that can easily address two different user needs. It can either be used at higher doses (4 caps BID) for an excellent 30 day flush protocol or at lower dosing (2 caps BID) it will work as a thorough gentle daily cleansing product.There are so many cleansing products in the marketplace today. It takes no effort at all to find one that goes after chemical pollutants or one that goes after metals or one just for the liver and so on. This product is designed to cover multiple facets. It containsCracked Wall Chlorella One of the best natural cleansers out there. The stool is one of the most efficient ways to remove toxins from the body. Chlorella is widely known for its ability to gather all sorts of toxins almost like a magnet and carry them through the intestines and out of the body. This action also paves the way for cleaner blood and healthier red blood cells. In addition to addressing general toxins Chlorella is green food and as such is composed of high amounts of protein. These proteins have special characteristics in their ability to gather heavy metals pesticides and chemicals and carry them out of the body. What's more is that it does NOT bind with the minerals and things that your body needs like calcium magnesium zinc and copper. This allows it to more efficiently remove the things you do not need. It is also a very popular anti-oxidant.Magnesium Oxide and Magnesium Citrate Common ways that people are using these are primarily based around skeletal integrity and bone density as a relaxant and for energy production and heart conduction. In detox protocols it is often used for its ability to remove impacted food mater heavy metals and anaerobic pathogens without the pushing and scraping like psyllium. It also is rumored to be used by NASA to detoxify the digestive tracts of astronauts in preparation for space travel.Milk Thistle With its high complex of bioflavonoids it is known the world over and with a massive amount of clinical research for protecting the cells of the liver by blocking the entrance of harmful toxins and helping remove these toxins from the liver cells. Other notoriety has been given to Milk Thistle for protecting livers from the effects of alcohol or a polluted environment or workplace functioning as an antioxidant to neutralize free radicals that cause cell damage as well as by stimulating protein synthesis. Milk thistle is considered a natural antioxidant helping to detoxify a wide range of potentially damaging contaminants including drugs alcohol and a wide variety of chemicals. Blend of herbs Nettle Dandelion Root Cilantro Grape Seed Extract and Ginger Root. These herbs have benefits primarily based in Cleansing the urinary system. Addressing waste in the liver as well as the gull bladder and kidneys. Purifying the blood. Diuretic benefits (with protection against loss of potassium). Removing obstructions from the spleen pancreas and other organs. Heavy Metal removal from the body and the brain Fight viruses allergens and carcinogens Cleans the skin and protect skin cell membranes Cleans the colon and add elasticity to the it and other organ tissuesBlend of Enzymes Serrapeptase Protease Bromelain Papain and Nattokinase. These are for Further cleansing of the liver blood and kidneys. Fibrin removalAlpha Lipoic Acid Included for its numerous benefits in chelation therapy. This includes Mercury and other metal removal. It crosses the blood brain barrier. It also can go into fat cells a significant storage facility for toxins and neutralize toxins.N-Acetyl Cysteine - NAC is a potent antioxidant. It also works exceptionally well for liver support because it helps increase glutathione levels and helps neutralize toxins. It is eliminates both metals and free radicals from the body. Therefore it is an important tool for detoxification of not only metals but also alcohol and other chemical toxins. Many also use this to aid in boosting their immune system and go after free radicals.Zeolite As many others do this ingredient helps with heavy metals in the body. An equally significant benefit brought to the table with the inclusion of this ingredient is its ability to target radiation. The Zeolite molecule is shaped like a honey-comb and carries a natural negative (-) charge. When ingested into the body all of the positively charged (+) heavy metals toxins and harmful chemicals bond with the zeolite and are flushed out through the urine.Selenium - it is a valuable mineral that protects against mercury by binding and inactivating it. It is also an essential nutrient for helping your liver detoxify carcinogenic chemicals.By covering the blood organs skin brain and GI tract and by addressing environmental chemical dietary metabolic metallic and radioactive pollutants this product is truly one of a kind. Few other products if any can deliver such thorough coverage on such a vast array of toxin related concerns especially in such a gentle manner.


These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). These products are not meant to diagnose, treat or cure any disease or medical condition.  Please consult your doctor before starting any exercise or nutritional supplement program or before using these or any product during pregnancy or if you have a serious condition.


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Serving Size: 4 capsules (2 capsules twice a day)Amount Per Serving/%DVCracked Wall Chlorella 1000mgMagnesium Oxide Complex 250gmMagnesium Citrate 200mgMilk Thistle Extract 160mgPuraCell Herbal Blend 155mgPureCell Enzyme Blend 140mgAlpha Lipoic Acid 50mgN-Acetyl Cysteine 44mgZeolite 850mcgSelenium 150 mcgOther Ingredients: Cellulose and rice powder.PuraCell Herbal Blend Contains: Nettle Dandelion Root Cilantro Grape Seed Extract Ginger RootPuraCell Enzyme Blend Contains: Protease Bromelain Papain Nattokinase Serratiopeptidase


Keep tightly closed and store in cool dark place.

Suggested Usage

Unless otherwise instructed by your health care professional, suggested usage reflects the manufacturer's recommendation for this product.

ADULTS: As a dietary supplement take two capsules twice daily at least 45 minutes before or 90 minutes after meals or as recommended by your healthcare professional.

Duration of use dependent upon the advice of your health care professional.



Do not exceed suggested usage unless otherwise instructed by your health care professional.

If you are pregnant or nursing, have a medical condition or are taking any medications, please consult your health care professional before using this product or any other product on this website.

Please consult your health care practitioner before making any changes to your current diet or before beginning any herbal, vitamin, or homeopathic supplement regimen or exercise program.

Allergy/Dietary Needs

You should not use this product if you are allergic to it or any other ingredient found in this supplement.  Should hypersensitivity occur, discontinue this product and seek immediate medical attention.

Made in the USA.


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