Protocol for Life Balance
D-Mannose 500mg 90c
D-Mannose is a simple sugar that is taken up in the GI tract and rapidly excreted in the urine without affecting blood sugar regulation. D-Mannose helps to support a normal environment within the bladder by maintaining a healthy mucosal lining and promoting proper flushing of foreign particles. Clinical studies indicate that D-Mannose can help to maintain normal urinary tract health when used regularly. andnbsp; ...
Part No: PT0034
Protocol for Life Balance
Myo-Inositol Powder 1lb
Supports a Healthy Mood, Emotional Wellness, and Behavior Healthy Ovarian Function Inositol is a necessary component of all cellular membranes. It is a member of the B-Vitamin family that contributes to muscular and nerve function, and participates in the metabolism of fats in the liver. Myo-Inositol is the most abundant form of this nutrient, with its highest concentrations being found in the brain ...
Part No: PT0221