Professional Complementary Health FormulasProfessional Complementary Health Formulas
CerebroTone 90C
Herbal Complex CerebroTone is formulated with herbs that support balance and tone of the electrical activity of the brain. pH sensitive hypoallergenic encapsulated assimilation and rapid metabolism. Botanipure Encapsulated Herbs and Herbal Complex may be used synergistically along with other nutritionals and Homeopathics. BotaniPure herbal products are made from the highest ...
Part No: PF-PCT
Pure EncapsulationsPure Encapsulations
Ginkgo 50 - 160 mg 120cSupports healthy blood circulation and mental acuity‡
Supports mental acuity‡ Helps oxygen and blood circulation‡ May act as a free radical scavenger‡ Made with hypoallergenic, vegan ingredients Ginkgo promotes enhanced flow of oxygen and blood to the brain to support mental acuity. Ginkgo may also promote the strength and elasticity of blood vessels. ...
Part No: GB11